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Video Series 3: Fat Loss Action Plan

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This is the last video in the fat loss motivation series and it talks about setting up a plan for action. If you haven’t seen the 2nd video of the series, click here. This post is basically a written version of the video so if you want to read the post instead of watching the video, you can continue reading. But reading the information you just watched might be helpful in terms of getting the concept down.

Here is the video:

Here is the transcript of the video…

Regarding creating your plan for action, one main strategy that I like to use is to:

“Start with the End in Mind”

This means that if your goal is to have that beach body then, you should be able to visualize yourself on the beach and looking great in that sexy bikini. I say bikini because it’s easier to visualize it that way but I’m sure that the men out there can easily visualize themselves sporting their six pack abs in shorts (or whatever you guys wear). If visualizing means putting something tangible like a picture that you cut up from Sports illustrated then by all means cut it and put it up where you can see it daily.

Be Specific

If you’re having trouble visualizing your goal, start with something specific. A lot of people always say that they want to lose weight and yet they don’t even know how much weight they want to lose. When you’re specific with your goals, it’s easier to set up a plan to reach that goal because you’ll have something to measure your progress with.

Here’s an example. Lose 8 lbs by May 31st. Notice that I mentioned a specific number and date when I want to accomplish the goal – these are important because it makes the goal more tangible and urgent.

Think of your next step(s)

Next, I think about the very first step that I can take right now to get me closer to that goal. Let’s say that the first thing I can do is to add an extra day of doing high intesity interval training. So, instead of doing them 3 times a week. I would do intervals 4 times a week.

After that, I would also want to reduce my cheat meals each week. So, I would eat just 1 small cheat meal instead of 2 small cheat meals. Notice I said small because some people go all out on cheat meals and turn into a cheat day or a cheat fest.

Then, I can start paying more attention to drinking more water each day by drinking 2 more glasses each day and so on…

If I keep on doing all these things – they become a part of my lifestyle to the point that, over time, I will eventually reach my goal on the deadline that I set for it.

Two Questions

To apply this concept to your situation ask yourself two questions: What is my goal and be specific – find a tangible representation of that goal. I was watching the Biggest Loser the other day and the contestants were able to wear what they called “goal outfits.” For one girl, her goal outfit were size 8 clothes and she was able to wear them even before the season ended.

Second, what can I do right now to get me closer to that goal? Look at my example again if you need more help in this area.

Baby Steps

It’s important to realize that your baby steps will lead to long term success and will help you achieve your end goal. This actually brings a quote in mind that may sound cliche but it really rings true in this instance and that is “a Journey begins with a single step.” But to take that quote further, a journey is made up of a series of steps.

In Conclusion

Finally, I want to point out the obvious – Don’t feel overwhelmed. Just because your goal looks too big right now, doesn’t mean that it is not attainable. Write down your goals because that makes them more real. Again, get a tangible representation of that goal. I can’t stress this step enough because seeing something in front of you can bring all sorts of emotions attached to that goal which can provide you with the motivation to get started with that goal.

Lastly, think of your action steps and ACT on them. The most important part of all this is action. Remember, that with no action there is no reaction. Your goals will not happen just because you wrote them down on paper – you have to DO something about it.

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Video Series 1: Thoughts are Things

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My fat loss motivation has been through the roof and it’s all because of this book that I’m reading entitled, “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill. The book was written in the 1930s and yet a lot of the principles he talked about in this book is still valid until today. It was brought to my attention while I was reading Dax Moy’s Blog last week and I have been hooked ever since. If you don’t know who Dax Moy is, he is the guy who wrote, “The Magic Hundred,” which is a book about goal achievement.

This is my very first time making a video and I was surprised that I sound totally different (or maybe I just don’t pay attention to my voice that much). Without further ado, here is my take on the first chapter of “Think and Grow Rich”:

In summary:

Thoughts + Emotions = BURNING DESIRE

which leads into


and eventually

Physical/Material Object

In conclusion, our thoughts largely affect our life and it’s amazing how powerful they can be. I’ve always said that “you can do whatever you set your mind into doing” but, I never fully realized the meaning of this phrase until I read this first chapter. If you haven’t read the book yet, grab yourself a copy of it. It just might change your life.

For something totally irrelevant to the post:

There’s a lot of exciting things going on in Anna’s world right now and I am still trying to decide if I should share it here. This is also part of the reason why I haven’t posted in awhile. Maybe the weekend will clear my head and then I can decide if I should share it or not 🙂

When I get the chance, I’ll talk about Chapter 2 next time. See you then!

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So, This is How it Feels

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“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

Today, I was having an “off” day. It’s just one of those days when I wonder what life really is all about – what going to the gym and eating healthy, having a career, making money, and going to work etc. are all about. While I don’t have an answer to all the other things that makes up life, I do have an answer to why I wanted to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. I asked you your reasons last week but today I delve into all the many other reasons that keep me going and help me fight off temptations (may that be either food or not wanting to go to the gym). On an “off” day, I needed as many reasons as I possibly can think of.

It really wasn’t difficult to come up with this list because I experience some of these things on a daily basis. While there are times when my will power wanes, these are the reasons that keep me going in the right direction:

  • uncovering the muscles I never thought I had
  • saving money on possible medical bills
  • having a better outlook in life as a result of a healthier, more active lifestyle
  • wearing smaller clothes
  • looking better in the mirror
  • wanting to wipe off the fog from the bathroom mirror so you can stare at your body some more
  • fitting better in clothes
  • clothes shopping being fun again
  • finding great deal on clothes that are on sale because everybody else is too big to fit in them
  • being able to run faster than you ever though possible
  • lifting heavier weights and graduating from the pansy 5 pound dumbbells I used to lift
  • gaining self-confidence to the point that you don’t even care if you’re wearing make up in public anymore
  • looking forward to show off your new bod in the summer in a nice, sexy bikini ( or shorts if you’re a guy – it just doesn’t sound as sexy as a bikini…lol)
  • seeing the envious stares of your girl friend or other girls after not seeing them for awhile
  • knowing that you’re doing something good to your body and that the prospect of growing old or having babies do not scare you anymore because you know that if you keep going this way, you can face those challenges head on

I can come up with an even longer list but I still have to get some sleep. So even with these many reasons to living a healthy lifestyle, people still find many excuses even though deep down inside they know that they need to make a change and they need to make it soon.

I will then leave you with a post from a Turbulence Training member, Tabitha, in one of her realizations of great changes she had made to her body so far. I couldn’t have said it any better:

“I am continually amazed at the changes in my body. I’m sure you all have your own stories & experiences. There have been times where I go to scratch my leg & am shocked at how “hard” it is. Or my sides. The other day I was standing talking to Tom (her husband) about something & I kept rubbing my arms. He asked why I was doing that & I replied “they don’t feel like my arms.” It’s just such a good feeling to be making these changes. And I’m doing it…something only I can do. Feels empowering. Plastic surgeons can remove fat, give you a tummy tuck or face lift. But they cannot give you muscle or make you stronger!”

Need more reasons? check out this post from Life Spot light about Keeping the End in Mind.

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What is your WHY?

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Yesterday, I read this speech transcript from Barefoot Executive, Carrie Wilkerson entitled, “What is your WHY?.” She basically talks about the reasons that drive her for staying committed in her business especially through tough times. When I read it, I related it in terms of my WHY for fat loss. God knows, I’d also want to be in business someday but that will require more attention from me later on (like later this month….lol).

So, what is my why for losing fat? It is not some B.S. about wanting to be around my children (which I don’t have yet) or getting healthy really – well, at least, it didn’t start out that way. At first, I was tired. I was tired of sitting down and seeing my belly fat spill over my jeans no matter how much I sucked it in. I was tired of shopping for clothes that looked better on the mannequin than they did on me. I wanted to buy clothes that looked great on me and reflected how I felt about myself. See, I never had self-esteem issues. I always thought that I looked better than the average Mary or Annie. I mean, I wasn’t supermodel hot but I knew I had some things going for me.

That was my WHY then – about 3 months ago. Like Carrie said in her speech, my WHY evolved because I have evolved. I never thought that I would ever be into fitness — or eating healthy for that matter. Now, I am a health nut and proud of it! So, once I have achieved some of my goals like losing 3 inches off my waist (thanks to Turbulence Training, healthy eating, hard work, and motivation), I moved on to my other WHYs. While I still want to be able to look in the mirror and see some of my ab muscles, I want to be able to say that I take care of myself and if taking care of myself means, eating 5 healthy meals a day and kicking my butt in the gym 3 days a week then, so be it.

My WHY also has something to do with not wanting to be just like everyone else. I don’t want to be “average” all my life. I want to be able to say that I am healthier and more fit compared to the average person. I want to be able to say that I can do this many push ups, I can squat this much pounds etc. I want to be able to say that I’ve accomplished something that some people only dream or think about.

Now that I’m on the subject of people, I just to say that they all mean well. Although, sometimes when you’re at a certain weight where you’re not fat but you’re not skinny – let’s just call it borderline fat – a lot of people will say, “girl, you’re not fat.” I’m thinking, “on whose standards, yours or mine?” The truth is, when I used to hear that from my friends, I was about 25 lbs overweight and had about 33% body fat. So yah, for my standards, I was fat. I didn’t want to wait until I was 100 lbs overweight before I did anything about it. So that was also a part of my WHY on top of the fact that I come from a family with a tendency to develop Diabetes.

Can I be honest with you? I never really thought of my WHY until I read Carrie’s speech last night. After writing this post, I am now more clear and even more motivated than ever before. I never believed people when they said that finding your WHy would be an emotional process but here I am sitting in front of my computer, early in the morning and I realize that there is more to this fat loss journey than I thought. So, whatever your reason is, think about it. Think about it long and hard and really search for it. Then, WRITE it down and really internalize it. This exercise just might be your biggest breakthrough if you haven’t been feeling motivated lately.

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