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Top 2 Ab Flattening Strategies that Work

Top 2 Ab Flattening Strategies that Work

Posted on 15. Aug, 2010 by .


Let’s face it, a lot of us have stubborn areas of fat that we just can’t seem to get rid of no matter what we do. Well, that is if you haven’t tried the two strategies that I’m about to talk about. Just a note before I move on, this is not your typical fitness article telling you to eat the right foods and move more. Those help but these two strategies are even more powerful because it works from the inside. You will see what I mean as I talk about how these strategies work.

The techniques I’m talking about will not be very new to you but I will go deeper into how they work. I’m talking about fasting and the elimination diet. If you have done them before, you may know that they really work to get rid of stubborn areas of fat but you may not have known how they work. Let’s talk about that now…

Fasting and Hormones

Brad Pilon, author of Eat Stop Eat (ESE), talks about the hormonal changes that happen in our bodies during a fast. I will discuss some of the main hormones in this post but if you’d like a detailed explanation for each of the hormones involved (and there are many other besides the ones I talk about here), I suggest you read his book.

The first and very important hormone in fasting or digestion in general is insulin. Our pancreas releasse insulin after we eat a meal and our body goes into fat storing mode. During fasting or times when we do not have food in our system, our insulin levels go down which means that we go into fat burning mode. Because we do not have any food to burn for energy during this time, our body burns our stored body fat for energy instead. This is the beauty of fasting – burning stored body fat!

Fasting has also been scientificially shown to increase insulin sensitivity. This can be especially beneficial to people who have diabetes in their family like I do. Diabetes happens when the insulin hormone is no longer responsive to the changes in your blood sugar. As a result, your body would not be able to lower glucose levels in your body. When you increase insulin sensitivity through fasting, your body will become more efficient at regulating your blood sugars which lowers your risk for diabetes. This is one of the major reasons I turned to fasting because both sides of my family are prone to diabetes.

The other major hormone involved during fasting is growth hormone. Growth hormone is popular among the rich and famous because of its fat burning and muscle building effects. Celebrities pay huge amounts of money to be injected with growth hormone. But, regular folks like us can harness the power of growth hormones through fasting. During fasts, our growth hormone levels go up which means our body burns even more fat in combination with the lack of insulin in our system. Plus, we build muscle which we all know is an active tissue which burns even more calories.

As you can see, all these hormonal responses favor fat burning and because the effects are happening at the hormonal level, the changes are even more powerful. In essence, we are making long term physiological changes each time we fast at the same time that we are reducing our calorie intake.

Eliminating Toxins and Allergens

You’ve heard me talk about the elimination diet before. If you need a refresher on that, read this series starting with this post: Starting the Elimination Diet.

dairy products

For this particular diet, I eliminated wheat, dairy, caffeine, sugar, processed foods, and alcohol. These are the most common foods or food components that are toxic to our body or cause allergic reactions because they are so prevalent in our food supply. In general, we store toxins in our fat cells. If you’re familiar with the process of osmosis, liquids follow the direction where there’s more solutes or toxins. For example, when we have toxins in our fat cells, liquids follow the toxins causing us to store extra fluids in our fat cells. It just so happens that these toxins mainly reside in the fat cells under our belly button (that little pooch in our lower abs that we all hate…lol). So, once we free our bodies of toxins, the fluids follow and we eliminate stubborn areas of fat.

Not everyone is sensitive to all the foods listed above but you would not be able to tell what the culprit is if you do not completely eliminate it from your diet and introduce it back to see how it affects you. For instance, I eliminated peanuts or peanut butter from my diet for several days, after just one tablespoon of peanut butter, I felt bloated and gassy. I know it’s too much information but this is very important information you’d like to know about your body since food sensitivities can cause some serious problems in the long run besides difficulty losing weight. Once you find which foods you are particularly sensitive to and avoid them, you will find that you have less bulge in stubborn areas, prevent unwanted weight gain, and reduced digestive problems.

These two strategies have been particularly helpful to me and my clients and they are highly effective once you follow them routinely. From experience, I’ve also found that they are not very difficult to follow as long as you plan your days ahead. If you have any questions about any of the ideas discussed here, please do not hesitate to post them below.

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My Second 20 days on the Elimination Diet and FREE Recipe

My Second 20 days on the Elimination Diet and FREE Recipe

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Whenever I try something new in training or nutrition, I am always skeptical about the results that I will get from it. But, I always keep an open mind and give the person who designed the program some merit for even coming up with one. In my mind I say that there has to be something that really worked for them to empower them to publish a book, e-book, or video program about it. As I approach my second 20 days on The Elimination Diet, it made me realize that this is definitely one of those programs that is worth your time and effort.

If this is your first time reading my update, go to this post first.

I have experienced so many things while I’m on this diet that I didn’t even expect to experience. My body is functioning as it should be and I didn’t even realize that it wasn’t! I actually talked about these things from my previous post but I wanted to elaborate on them a little bit more here:

  • No more sleepiness during the day – I must admit that the first 7 or so days without caffeine was difficult because I would have headaches and sleepiness. My usual wake-up-go-to is coffee whenever I need something to keep me awake during the day. But, on the 8th day, I started noticing that I am just able to stay awake without the after-lunch sleepiness even without coffee. What’s even better is I can go sleep as soon as I hit the bed and wake up feeling energized. Believe me, I couldn’t even go back to sleep once I’m awake even if I wanted to.

    I do think that this effect is not just from the coffee or lack thereof. Eliminating the sugar definitely helped me minimize the insulin spikes that trigger the sleepiness after I eat and also my cravings for sweets.

  • I feel satisfied – one of my very first fears before starting ED was the fact that I might give in to “banned foods.” I am glad to say that the Elimination Diet Cookbook has kept me satisfied – no hunger, no cravings. Even when I go out to restaurants or meetings, I am able to stay on track by simply asking how the foods are prepared and to take out certain ingredients.

    I’ve even found out that soy sauce contains wheat! So, I went to the local health food store to find a soy sauce alternative. To my delight, I found Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. I couldn’t even taste the difference between the two.

  • Stubborn fat still hasn’t returned – remember how I told you about the little “bump” I have on my lower abs? Well, I’m excited to report that it still hasn’t come back even though I haven’t been paying much attention to my calorie intake.

Lastly, I actually haven’t weighed myself because I just don’t want to stress about it this time around. However, the Elimination Diet definitely passed “The Jeans Test.” Basically, I tried on the new skinny jeans that I bought after it just came out of the dryer. You know how your jeans seem to fit tighter after you just washed them? Well, I did wear my skinny jeans then and they still fit me perfectly. It’s like magic!

Before I end this post, I wanted to share with you the dessert or breakfast recipe that has been my saving grace during this challenge. It is called “Orange Muffins” in the ED Cook Book but Dax also made an apple muffin version of it which I make about once a week. I hope Dax doesn’t get mad at me for publishing it so here it is:


  • 1 cup mashed, ripe banana
  • ¾ cup unsweetened apple sauce
  • 1 tablespoon apple peel
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 ¼ cup rice flour
  • 1 ½ teaspoons cornstarch-free baking powder


    In large bowl mix, bananas, apple peel, apple sauce, and oil. Add flour and baking
    powder. Blend well. Fill six 2 1/2 inch nonstick muffin cups 2/3 full. Bake at 375 for
    20-25 minutes (mine turns out good at 22 minutes). Turn out onto a wire rack to cool.

I basically make this whenever I need something to sink my teeth into or as a quick post workout breakfast. This recipe definitely taught me that I can still eat baked goods that will help me move closer to my goals (or stay where I’m at) without having to surrender to chocolate cake or other traditional fatty baked goods out there.

I also realized the power that foods can have on our bodies which made me rethink a lot of my past habits. In terms of nutrition, this would be the true definition of “eating clean” especially if you eat your startches after a workout. Now I know for sure that food can definitely be a source of health. It is definitely the best source for preventing major diseases that our current lifestlyes are susceptible to.

Read the conclusion of my elimination diet experience. In that last post, you can get tips about how to prepare and have a successful elimination diet experience.

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What I’m going to do in the next 30 days (video)…

What I’m going to do in the next 30 days (video)…

Posted on 27. Oct, 2009 by .


For the next 30 days, I am going on the Elimination Diet by Dax Moy. I decided to do this because I have been slowly letting myself eat more and more junk foods (sugary stuff for me) that I have intentionally banned from the kitchen cupboards or the fridge when I first decided to lose weight. I was also getting more dependent on coffee to that point that I was drinking it 3 times a day. At the same time, I have noticed some food sensitivities such as wheat allergies and dairy allergies since I wrote this article.

I have also came to realize how stress affects my eating habits. I’ll be honest when I say that the past few weeks have been very stressful for me. I underestimated the challenges of my transition from being an employee to becoming a small business owner. I found out that stress makes me want to eat a lot of sugary foods (chocolate cake in particular) because the carbohydrates in it give me a very comforting feeling even though I knew that I will have to pay for the consequences afterwards. Yes, I’m only human!

After noticing all these factors in my diet and a lot of de-stressing, I got even more convinced that it’s time to do the Elimination Diet. I was apprehensive to do it for a very long time because I hate dietary restrictions. But, when I think of how great I’m going to feel and look, 30 days does not seem too long after all. Plus, when I saw all the yummy recipes in the Elimination Diet Cook Book, I got excited that I’ll be able to try new dishes.

This video details the rules of the Elimination diet and what I have bought from the grocery store to prepare for it:

[We all found out that I can’t count in the video…haha.]

Here are the rules in writing:

  • No processed foods
  • Eat organic foods as much as possible
  • Cut out all wheat
  • Cut out all sugar
  • Cut out all dairy except for plain, live yogurt and organic butter
  • Cut out all alcohol
  • Cut out all caffeine
  • Drink plenty of fresh, clean water

If you want to read more about the Elimination Diet and why these foods are eliminated, you can download your free copy here:


As I write this post, I am halfway through day 2 and I have tried 3 recipes from the cookbook already. I gotta say that I don’t miss sugar yet (which I knew was going to be the most difficult thing for me) and I don’t think that I will. I’m going into this challenge already knowing what I can’t have so I’m not going to stress about those things. I’m just going to enjoy the things that I can have which so far have been very pleasurable.

Update: Find out how my first 10 days of the Elimination Diet went. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what’s on your mind. Thanks for stopping by!

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