The Meal Frequency Conspiracy

The Meal Frequency Conspiracy

Posted on 19. Jun, 2011 by in Nutrition

After writing about managing stress in my last post, “The Super Stealth Fat Loss Destroyer,” meal frequency came to mind. What does meal frequency have to do with stress? Since my time is very limited due to my hectic schedule, I found that I do not have time to cook more elaborate, time consuming meals. In addition, my stress makes 2 full 24-hour, Eat Stop Eat (ESE) style fasts a lot more difficult to get through. This is the reason I’ve never really been a fan of eating 5-6 meals a day. First, I don’t have time to stop, prepare, and eat those meals. Second, I’ve tried higher frequency meals before with not-so-great results. Some people, like bodybuilders, may do well in these types of protocols but I guess it’s just not suitable to my metabolism and lifestyle.

My New Favorite Fasting Protocol

So, in an effort to manage my weight and not add stress to my life (by worrying about what I’m going to eat during the day), I looked for a solution that incorporates some type of fast while also keeping my meals on the low frequency side. So, I read my previous article, “,” and figured out what fit my current situation best. While the Lean Gains protocol sounded interesting, it was too complicated for me. So, I kept looking. In that same post, I also talked about IF life by Mike O’Donnell. I was intrigued by his 2 Meal solution program and the coaching that came with it.


My immediate reaction was to e-mail Mike and asked him how his program is different from Eat Stop Eat. I was expecting some generic answer but Mike really took the time to answer my question and tailored his answer to it. Here is a copy of the response I got from him:



After his answer, it was clear that I want to find out more about the 2 Meal Solution and how it was going to help simplify my life. Two meals a day sounded really good to me. So, I signed up for the program and the coaching e-mails.

The Super Simple 2 Meal Solution Protocol

  • Low calorie days with 2 meals condensed in an eating window of your preference
  • Free eating days when you can eat whatever you want within reason

After my first 2 weeks of switching my fasting style to the 2 Meal Solution protocol, I lost 3 pounds without even trying. This means that I didn’t really go out of my way to buy groceries I would not normally buy or create a nutrition plan. I just stuck to mainly eating whole foods on my low calorie, 2 meal days.

The best part for me with this protocol is I set what Mike calls “free eating days” during the weekends. These are days when I was able to eat junk foods or not-so-healthy options at a reasonable amount because my husband and I tend to eat out on these days. Three (3) pounds or 1.5 lbs a week may not sound like a lot to most people but keep in mind that I did this with minimal effort. My workouts included about 40 minutes of interval style strength training, 3 times a week and I was at a plateau for a very long time. Given that situation, my results are quite amazing.

My experience also goes to prove that eating higher frequency or 5-6 meals per day is not necessary to lose fat/weight.

Mike has also switched his coaching e-mails to 5-minute daily videos which are so helpful as he reinforces the most important principles of the 2 Meal Solution E-book in them.

Is the 2 Meal Solution for You?

If you like ESE but haven’t been able to get your 24-hour fasts like I was, this may be a great alternative for you. The people who will do well in this program are the people who don’t like to have snacks or smaller meals throughout the day. One factor that I tend to use when it comes to incorporating new diets into my lifestyle is “compliancy.” If you are able to consistently follow it for long periods of time because it fits your lifestyle, then it will work really well for you. On that same note, if you get your hands on a well designed diet program but are not able to follow it, it will not do you any good.

How I Plan to Use the 2 Meal Solution

I plan to continually use the 2 Meal Solution protocol for as long as it fits my lifestyle at most 5 days a week. But, when I am at my ideal body weight and do not need to lose any more fat, I will practice it 3 days out of the week with more moderate eating days in between. The plan is very flexible. Just make sure that you do not bend the rules too much (which there aren’t a lot of) on your condensed eating days when you get to your goal weight or percent body fat. If you want to find out more about Mike O’Donnel’s protocol, go here: 2 Meal Solution.

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  • WHS73

    Have you looked at the Warrior Diet? The way I understand it you only eat one real meal a day, preferably in the evening. You have unsweetened whey protein (no casein included) within 30 min. of working out. The rest of the day you either have only water or vegetable juice for rejuvenation of muscle & brain tissues, or you have whey protein throughout the day if you’re more interested in adding bulk. I just heard about it & haven’t tried it yet. Just wondered if you’d heard of it or tried it.

  • Michael Mukoyogo

    This sounds interesting. I’ve used various types of fasting, ESE, warrior diet, but tbh I am always experimenting for the best fit. I’m actually on 2 meals a day at the moment so I will have to look into this one.  I totally agree with you, multiple meals are a major hassle!


  • We’re always experimenting especially when our situation changes. Glad to help!

  • Yes, I have heard of it and know someone who’ve had success with it. The only comment she had was it was difficult to do when travelling. Again, a diet should work with your lifestyle.

  • Eat Stop Eat really opened my mind about how often we need to eat.  It looks like the 2 Meal Solution offers a similar perspective.  I like the idea of cycling low calorie fasting days with high calorie anything goes days.  It makes life much more enjoyable not to restrict any specific foods.

  • It is similar to ESE. It just offers people options/variety 🙂 It works well as long as they stick to one program consistently.

  • I think its great you are exploring different ideas of eating.
    I spent the last year exploring best ways (ESE, Paleo, Warrior, 6 meals/day) to eat for myself ( might not be right for others) and I finally came up with eating very small meals every 3 hours and only one normal meal at dinner. I decided fasting doesn’t suit me. ( there is always more than 1 way to skin a cat or get a cat skinny in this case!)I am now the leanest I ever been and can easily manipulate my weight as I chose but it took a lot of experimenting and eating the same things all the time.Raymond

  • I agree with you Raymond. There’s no one nutrition plan fits all for everyone. I always said that the only plan that works for you is the one you will follow 🙂

  • Anna,

    I follow a similar protocol – low calorie, whole foods days with 2 or 3 meals per day during the week and cheat days on the weekends where I eat whatever I want.  I think this creates a perfect balance that allows you to lose fat while also keeping your hormones balanced.


  • You’re right on point, Alykhan.

  • Interesting topic. Mike really knows his stuff. I’ll have to look more into this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Yes, he does. You’re welcome!

  • James Kerrison

    I follow the 2 meal plan 7 day s a week and my clients have had great results doing the same. 


  • Hi James, it really does work well.  Partly because it’s easy to follow that we can be consistent with the plan.  Thanks for stopping by.

  • I follow too the 2 meal plan and i have very good results with my weight.

  • Glad to hear it. Thanks for sharing!