Limitless Movie: Is this Mind Drug Possible?

Limitless Movie: Is this Mind Drug Possible?

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After seeing the latest Bradley Cooper movie, Limitless, in theaters this weekend, I could not shake it off my mind. I keep thinking “what if this drug really existed? What will happen to our society as we know it today? Is it even possible to access all our brain’s capacity?”

If you have not heard or seen Limitless yet, let me give you a little background. You’ve probably heard that we only use 20% of our brain. In this movie, a company created an experimental drug, called NZT-48, which will let you access 100% of your mind 30 seconds after ingesting the pill.

It was amazing seeing the possibilities a person can do when they’re “under the influence” of this pill – you can access information on virtually anything you’ve ever been exposed to in your life and this includes books you’ve read, t.v. shows you’ve seen, tutorials you’ve learned, etc. In other words, you become really smart and you become untouchable because you can absolutely get your way out of anything! Not to mention, you become rich and popular as a side effect.

So, back to reality, what can really happen if you have something like this at your disposal? It just so happened that I was re-reading the book, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill which I’ve written a series of blog posts and videos about in the past and you can watch the first one here: Video Series 1: Thoughts are Things.

I’ve been heavily influenced by the teachings in this book and I have seen the power of it in my own life so I decided to read it again to review the concepts. Maybe it happened by chance but after putting the movie and the book together, I decided we can definitely find a way to access more than 20% of our brain. Movies like, “The Secret,” have talked about this although they do not necessarily discuss just how we can DO it in real life.

The power lies behind the subconscious mind. We mostly use our conscious mind everyday which is the 20% capacity you’ve heard before. However, the subconscious mind resides within our entire body. As said by a good friend of mine, Joseph Giove, who is also a Clinical Hypnotist, “when you engage the mighty subconscious, which is at least ten million times more powerful than your conscious mind, you engage 99.9+ percent of your capacity.” The good news is, everyone can have access to this power but you have to fully believe that using your subconscious mind to achieve whatever you wish is possible first. Failure to do that will bring you no results at all.

When you compare this to an iceberg, the tip represents you conscious mind and the rest which is hidden under the sea is your subconscious mind.


Here is a great quote that I read from Think and Grow Rich which summarizes what I’m talking about here beautifully:

“Man may become the master of himself, and of his environment, because he has the POWER TO INFLUENCE HIS SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, and through it, gain the cooperation of Infinite Intelligence.”

At this moment, you may dismiss the power of this sentence because it sounds too “out there.” Believe me, I felt the same way until I practiced accessing my subconscious mind each day and actually seeing my visions coming true in real life. It was mind-blowing when I realized what was happening but now I am a lifetime believer. In fact, many successful people do this and that who I am learning all this material from. Don’t make the mistake of dismissing the concepts I discuss here – this stuff really works!

How to Access Your Subconscious like NZT-48 in Limitless

Here is one simple way I’ve found to be very effective yet very easy to do. Look at your schedule at look for a time on each day that you are available for at least 15 minutes. For me, this is every night before bed time which I dubbed as my “quiet time.” During those 15 minutes, visualize a situation that you want to happen in real life. This can be the moment you get your long-awaited and well-deserved promotion, or finally freeing yourself from sugar cravings, or selling more products or services (if you’re in sales), or finishing a marathon, or finally fitting comfortably into those skinny jeans, etc. Whatever it is, think as if you’ve already achieved it and be specific in how the situation actually happens.

You’re going to want to think of the little details like who was involved, where you are, what the weather is like, how you come upon the situation, what you were wearing, etc. Essentially, you want to make it as real in your head and attach how you feel to it so your subconscious can start “believing” it. Do this repeatedly and you will see this situation materialize in your life in no time.

Realize that I was convinced that I need to write a post about this because I have seen its workings in my life. My only regret is I didn’t start practicing my visualizations earlier. But, now I do not ever take it for granted. On some nights when I just feel too tired, I force myself to do it because it is that powerful.

Back to the movie, Limitless, Bradley Cooper’s character, Eddie Morra, was able to write a book in 4 days, literally rises in popularity (not to mention riches) in the financial world in 10 days, and ultimately becoming president of the United States (at least from what’s alluded in the movie). The drug eventually got people sick and they died but Eddie Morra was the only one who figured out how to not die from it and become the perfect version of himself.

Accessing your subconscious mind can help you get close to the perfect version of yourself just without the side effects. Any changes you make on a conscious level is temporary, any changes you make with your subconscious is lasting and effortless.

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