How to Get a Bigger Buttocks

How to Get a Bigger Buttocks

Posted on 31. Oct, 2010 by in Exercise

Okay, maybe the title, “how to get a bigger buttocks,” may seem a little funny but a little Google keyword research made me think that this is a popular question a lot of people ask. Being a woman not originally blessed with Kim Kardashian-like buttocks, I can definitely relate to this question since, thanks to certain weight equipments and exercises, I now have a decent pair of buttocks I can be proud of. (They’re still not Kim-Kardashian-like but I’m not complaining…haha). So, I would love to give an answer for those of you out there who may have this question.

Before I go into detail about how to build a better butt, I want to tell you why most people seem to have a “flat” looking butt. If you are like me, I sit on my butt for most of the day. Whether you’re working in front of the computer, eating, watching television, etc. most of us spend a lot of time on the chair. This eventually leads to weakening of the glute muscles and also reduction in muscle size. Just like the old saying says, “use it or lose it.” This becomes a problem because our buttocks muscles are the biggest and strongest muscles in our body which serve several functions such as stabilizing our pelvis and aligning our spine. In short, having stronger glutes helps improve our posture and prevent back pain. In athletes, they train the glutes so they can jump higher or sprint faster. This is due to the fact that gluteus muscles are a part of the core muscles as I discussed in this article, Top 2 Reasons Having a Strong Core is Important.

So, the quick answer to getting bigger buttocks is to use it more often. You may have heard personal trainers or group fitness instructors say, “squeeze your glutes,” and they are right. During lower body exercises like squats, lunges, step ups, etc., doing this gives you that extra opportunity to get more contractions from your glute muscles. I always emphasize this in my bootcamps and as a result I have been called by my clients as the “butt patrol.”

How to Squeeze Your Glutes

Many people might think that squeezing your glutes is easy but what I find from training clients regularly is they do not seem to do it enough. What I mean by that is they just do not squeeze all the way. So, I correct this by using an analogy I learned from Pavel Tsatsouline when I first learned how to peform kettlebell swings. Pavel says, “when squeezing your glutes, imagine you’re squeezing a penny with your butt cheeks so that it does not fall out.” This usually helps my clients understand how hard they should squeeze 🙂

We got the “how” out of the way, let’s now discuss “when” to squeeze. The timing of the squeeze is usually intuitive. During squats, deadlifts, lunges, and swings, you should squeeze at the top of the movement when you are completely standing up. For instance, during squats, you squeeze your glutes as soon as you return to standing position before you do another repetition. During swings, you do this when the kettlebell is at shoulder height. To give you an idea, here is a video of me doing kettlebell swings:

Squeezing your glutes at the top of lower body movements also prevents you from leaning back therefore protecting your lower back from any possible injuries.

When I Found My Glutes…

For me, the first time I ever found out I actually possess a decent pair of buttocks was after a few weeks of performing kettlebell swings consistently. Swings help you get a lot more repetitions and therefore more glute contractions in less time compared to squats or deadlifts. Because swings are also done in a fast paced manner, you are also getting strength training and cardiovascular training at the same time. So, my advice for those of you out there who wants to get a bigger buttocks, start incorporating leg exercises into your routine and end with kettlebell swings for your cardio routine instead of running or heading to the elliptical.

For a sample kettlebell and overall body workout which revs up your metabolism in as little as 20 minutes, check out the end of this post, What is a Kettlebell?.

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  • Well you certainly got my attention! .. haha just kidding .. I can't imagine any guy wanting bigger buttocks but I do think having a curvy firm buttocks for a gal looks great.

    When I try to do the deadlifts I try the glute squeeze but never seem to get a feeling in that area maybe I'm doing them wrong? But on the stepper which I like to use for cardio that really gets the muscles working in that area.

    BTW I think women at the gym try to get a smaller flat (shapless) butt it's not that attractive.

    Interesintg article


  • I just sent this to all the woman in my office as we had a discussion about a bigger butt being sexy… so thank you 😉

  • Raymond, you usually won't feel the “burn” in that area while working out.

    But, try locking your knees and really thinking that you're squeezing a

    penny. Maybe that will help. Also, if you really want your butt to be sore

    the next day, try 1-leg squats – these do not fail to get me sore 🙂


  • Thanks for the shout out, Alejandra. I don't know of any woman who wants a

    nice, round butt 🙂


  • Hey Anna,

    Cool post, and very necessary! some lady friends of mine were talking recently about a cream to rub in that gives you a more shapely “bum” as we say here in England. I think I better direct them to this site ;-0


  • Hhhmmm…interesting. It always amazes me what people come up with when it

    comes to quick, no effort solutions. Thanks for directing them to the better

    way, Michael 🙂


  • Patrick

    Thanks Anna for the article 😉 Now if I can only find out how I can give this to my gf without her thinking I'm alluding to something hehe. not that I'm complaining but I won't cry neither if it gets biggers 😀

  • Thanks Anna for the article 😉 Now if I can only find out how I can give this to my gf without her thinking I'm alluding to something hehe. not that I'm complaining but I won't cry neither if it gets biggers 😀

    BTW I just posted like 2 mins ago, but think I couldn't without becoming a DISQUS member so if it ever appears twice sorry about it 🙂

  • That's a tough one 🙂 Good luck!

  • I think the most important thing you've mentioned is that to get the butt that you want, you NEED TO USE IT. Activate your glutes regularly. Do exercises that target your glutes.

    This is especially important for women that spend a lot of time sitting (i.e. in front of computers for work). This results in short and weak glute muscles. You need to activate them regularly with various exercises to get that nice round look that we love so much!

  • Hi Srdjan, absolutely!


  • Ray – Six Pack Abs Diet

    Hey Anna,

    With the long running fascination with Kim Kardashian's (and Jennifer Lopez before her) onion, it's pretty easy to understand why “how to get a bigger buttocks” is a popular search term ;). But from an aesthetic point of view, bigger is not always better. However, almost every woman can benefit from having a more shapely behind. The kettle ball swings you demonstrated in the video, along with squats, lunges and lying leg curls are excellent exercises that can help women get a sexier looking butt.


  • Hi Ray, you're definitely right. Bigger is not always better 🙂


  • You said it right when you say people sit on their butts and wonder why its flat! Your butt is just like any other muscle. Think about when you are is in a cast because it is broken, usually when you take it out it is quite smaller than the other arm. Why? Because your weren’t using it. I think that sprinting and running stairs are the two best butt exercises. They tend to give women a fuller butt to fit their body size. You don’t want to always go for the biggest butt if you have a small frame.

  • Right on, again!

  • Hi.

    I find that doing squats and deadlifts will build your glutes no matter what.
    They basically have no choice but to get activated.


  • I agree, Mark. But, some people really don’t know how to activate their glutes at the top of the squat and deadlift. Sometimes, they need to be cued.