How to Get Your Pre-pregnancy Body

How to Get Your Pre-pregnancy Body

Posted on 13. May, 2010 by in Exercise

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about soon-to-be mothers and they ask me how they can get back to their pre-pregnancy body. The common question I get asked is how soon can they start exercising after giving birth. While I do not have any personal experience about this topic yet, I went ahead and researched the subject. During my research, I came across a program called, “Post-natal Body Fix,” by Kaisa Tuominen. I first heard of Kaisa after joining a online forum for personal trainers. She has been a trainer since 1998 and has degrees in Exercise Science and Public Health from Oregon State University. Her gym is currently based in Spain. Her specialty and passion is in working with expectant mothers and helping them recover after childbirth.

Note: This article is mostly for women but if you are a guy, this will most likely help you when you are about to have a baby with your significant other.

Without much thought, I went ahead and bought Kaisa’s latest program to help with my research. From reading the books, I was in awe at how knowledgeable she was about this topic. Since she works with moms at her gym daily, I’m really not surprised that she is. In her book, she goes into detail about the what is going on in new moms’ minds and all the emotions that they are feeling. She then discusses ways to live a balanced, enjoyeable life during a time when moms can be very busy, overwhelmed, and stressed.


[I’d like to envision that this is how having a new baby feels.]

The part that I like the most about Kaisa’s book was when she discussed the cost of doing nothing after pregnancy. These costs come from the weakening of the core/abdomen area and the pelvic floor. The weakening of these muscles happen when the ab muscles have to naturally separate to make space for the growing baby inside and when your pelvic floor muscles have to pull away from each other to make the baby pass through during childbirth. Two of these costs that really stood out for me. The first one was neck and back pain that wouldn’t go away. My sister and a close friend have been complaining about back pain since they gave birth and now I know how pregnancy can alter your spine alignment to cause this pain. The second cost is having a weak pelvic floor that causes sexual difficulties and incontinence. The thought of using diapers when I get older gives me the motivation I need to do this program so that I do not have to wear them.

Post-natal Body Fix has 3 phases with each phase lasting 6 weeks. The phases 1-3 are called Post-natal Core Fix, Fitness Fix, and Fat Loss Fix, respectively. The biggest misinformation that I learned from Kaisa is women do not have to wait for 40 days before they start to exercise after pregnancy. In fact, the sooner women start, the faster they will recover. Having said that, you can start phase 1 on day 1 which is designed to strengthen your pelvic floor and core muscles. When you move on to phase 2, you will be working on gaining strength and training your body to work as a whole. You will also be working on improving your cardiovascular health during this phase. The last and final phase will probably look like something you would do before you got pregnant. This phase is designed to help you lose the baby weight and improve your overall fitness.

Of course, no fitness program is complete unless you talk about nutrition. Kaisa’s approach is a lot similar to Dax Moy’s Elimination Diet. If you have not read my post on it, you can read it here: Elimination Diet Day 1. I totally support and highly recommend this diet or way of life since I have seen great results with it and so have my clients.

During a Google search for Kaisa, I also came across a free e-bok she gave away sometime ago. This e-book called, “Pregger Fit,” will teach you how to do exercises during pregnancy that will help giving birth easier. You can download your copy of Pregger Fit here: Pregger Fit Download.

If you’d like to get a copy of Kaisa’s book, simply click on this link: Post-natal Body Fix. When you sign up for her newsletter, you can get a copy of her free report, the 7 Secrets of Getting Your Pre-baby Body Back. Lastly, I will get a small commission if you buy Kaisa’s report through the links in this post. But, I bought her product with my own money and no rewards from Kaisa. I promise that I would never recommend any product to you if I have not bought it for myself and/or if it will not help you in staying healthy and fit.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what your thoughts are especially if you’re an expecting mom.

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  • I love this information. Me and my husband are thinking about getting pregnant ourselves right now, but I want to get before, so I can get fit again after!! Thanks for the tips and resources!

    Shawna E Anderson
    “Your Brain Search & Rescue Program”

  • Don’t worry, once you have a baby, you’ll be too tired to eat! Very informative post.

  • admin

    Shawna, I think it helps make the pregnancy a lot easier on you and your body too if you’re fit before you get pregnant. Smart idea!

    Chris, I kinda thought that too but I hope I won’t be too tired to not workout…LOL.


  • Lee

    Very informative, Anna! I think you make some good points about letting oneself go after pregnancy, what it can do to the body for a new mom. Is it a stigma that after-pregnancy for the body is something to be dreaded, especially given the light of medical and physical exercise information?

  • Thanks Anna, I’ve never been pregnant, but will pass on to my daughter in law (my step son’s wife) who is concerned about her weight loss since the birth of her daughter 7 months ago…I say thanks for her as I know she will!

  • admin

    Lee, I think that a lot of women either don’t know where to start or are just too busy with the new baby to even think about themselves. You’re right, there’s a ton of information out there but it’s difficult to siff through the good info sometimes.


  • admin

    Irene, I do hope she finds the information helpful. Tell her there is hope 🙂


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