Fit at 75: An inspiring Story

Fit at 75: An inspiring Story

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We have a guest for today and her name is Marliene Triplett who is also a personal trainer whom I met online. We eventually connected in person since we live close by in the East Bay (Northern California). She really inspired me when I first met her because she is 75 years old and still in great shape. She also did some heavy dead lifts during our first meeting. 🙂 Marliene or as everyone calls here, Ma, won Mrs. Fremont and an Invitational competition in Nevada when she was 61. She have been exercising nearly all her life. She currently works as a personal trainer with the YMCA in Fremont and have been there for nearly seven years where she teaches 3 Boot Camps classes and 3 Cross training classes a week.

Anna: Hi Ma, thank you so much for agreeing to get interviewed about your journey to fitness. How are you doing?

Ma: Just fine, Anna

Anna: First of all, I wanted to know what really made you decide that fitness will be a part of your life? Was there a particular realization or trigger?

Ma: I have pretty much exercised all my life Anna, my Dad trained athletes and we were exposed to it at an early age.I feel great when I exercise and that is a definite plus.

Anna: When did you decide that you wanted to be a personal trainer? Did you have any other professions before this?

Ma: Actually I was a cosmetologist for 40 years and I developed Crohn’s disease and decided on the change to become a Personal Trainer. My Trainer at that time encouraged me to do so as he felt it would be something I could succeed at.

Anna: Tell me about that time when you joined and won the Mrs. Fremont competition.

Ma: I was working out at a gym and this gentleman approached me and said he was promoting the Mrs. & Miss Fremont Bodybuilding
Show and would I do the over 50 yrs. Mrs Fremont. I was 61 at the time, no experience at all, and my trainer thought it would be a good idea, so we prepared. I was fortunate to know Mr. Ed Corney a former Mr. Olympia Contestant and he helped with the posing aspect. However it is very scary to get up on stage when you don’t have any experience. After the initial shock, it was fun. I can look back and laugh now. All my friends and family were there cheering me on.

Ma at the Mrs.Fremont Competition - 61 years old

Ma at the Mrs.Fremont Competition - 61 years old

Anna: How did you prepare for the Mrs. Fremont competition?

Ma: My Nutrition has always been pretty good and we tweaked that, adjusted my training added some extra Cardio, practiced the posing routine, had a suit made to order.

Anna: Was it worth all the effort? How was the experience of competing?

Ma: Yes it was Anna, it was something I never even thought of doing and I ended up really enjoying the whole experience. I went on to Nevada and did the Totally Natural Invitational Grand Masters Division which I won, so yes the experience was fun, especially for someone who only the month or so before had no intention of doing something like that.

Anna: That does sound like a lot of fun! Was there ever a time in your life when you just felt out of control of your health and fitness? If so, were you able to overcome it and how did you do it?

Ma: Oh I am sure there are times we all feel out of control, especially with our Nutrition. We just have to be strong and
decide what it is we want and go for it and get ourselves back on track again. I have fallen off that wagon on numerous occasions and just had to dig real deep and ask myself, what are you thinking. I hate being out of control, so I get back on track real fast.

Ma - November 2009

Ma - November 2009

Anna: That is really good advice and one that I follow myself. Do you think that being physically fit and maintained great health at your age has made a difference in terms of your quality of life? If so, how is it different?

Ma: Definitely Anna. I move freely and have very few, if any, aches and pains. Oh I get sore after a workout but that is different and doesn’t last long. Plus I can keep up with my grandchildren and that is important to me, to be here for them. Also my posture is great and I just love the way I look and feel.

Anna: It must feel great to still be able to keep up with your grandchildren. That is something that I want to be able to do even when I get older too. How about exercise? Which do you think is more important cardio or strength training?

Ma: I believe strength training is very important and can really change our body composition and the way we look. I do
some cardio, usually HIIT, but not much. at my age I need to preserve as much muscle as possible and I lose too quickly if I do too much cardio.

Anna: What would you say to other people who are having a difficulty getting started with their fitness journey?

Ma: I would advise them to read all they can about fitness and learn as much as possible and start out slowly, maybe hire a trainer for a few sessions to learn correct form, be real consistent, take some classes and never ever give up. Make it a way of life. The rewards are so many.

Anna: Thank you so much for doing the interview with me, Ma. Your insights are definitely helpful to people especially those who can relate to your experience. I really appreciate the time you spent with us and answering all my questions patiently. To everyone who read the interview, I hope you learned some helpful tidbits and don’t forget to leave your questions or opinions in the comment section.

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  • Nice interview really interesting how older people can still things they want. I’m heading towards my 50 so give me hope haha …. fantastic looking blog so professional looking

  • admin

    Hey Raymond, this really does give us hope huh?! She is such an inspiring lady. Thanks for the compliment and the comment!


  • Anna, this is great. I am always interested in hearing about older people who don’t let society force them to conform to the idea that older = frail and out of shape.
    Really inspiring. Ma looks amazing. She is definitely a role model for everyone.

  • As a physical therapist one of the most important aspects of the job is motivating people and keeping them motivated. If I had someone like Marliene around, it would be a lot easier.

  • Hey Anna,
    Wow, that lady was great! I’m 41 and someone at my gym the other day referred to me as that “old guy”! I was like, what did he just call me?!!! I guess I still got some good years ahead of me, though!

    Nice blog! Keep up the good work, I will check it out often.

  • admin

    David, this definitely reminds us that we don’t need to grown old and become frail.

    Bryan, she definitely can keep people motivated and she does at her bootcamps.

    Kelly, you’re definitely not “that old guy” especially if you keep working out as much as you do 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by, guys!