3 Factors that Affect Your Fat Loss Goals Timeline

3 Factors that Affect Your Fat Loss Goals Timeline

Posted on 21. Feb, 2010 by in Fat loss

You’ve heard many fitness experts say that you have to set goals if you want to lose fat and become successful in doing so. But, people who have not worked out consistently and really dialed in their nutrition may either overestimate or underestimate their goals. This was definitely the case for me when I just started out the fat loss process. I wanted to be at a certain body fat percentage that was just way too low for the amount of time that I gave myself to reach it. Also, I had an unrealistic view of how I was going to look like when I reach my deadline.

You’ve probably read my post that talks about finding a model, like Jessica Biel, to look up to. Maybe you want the “fitness model look” and that’s what inspires you. It’s a great strategy and one that I still use today. Is it a realistic goal? Maybe, maybe not. We have to keep in mind that there are a lot of factors that affect how we look and how quickly we can achieve our goals. I will discuss some of these factors but take note that there are many other ones that may affect your results.

One such factor is body type. Our body types will dictate where we lose our weight first. Using myself as an example, I have an apple shaped body which means that when I gain weight, I see it immediately in my midsection. On the other hand, when I lose weight, I lose inches on my hips, thighs, and my arms first. For people who are pear shaped, they are most likely to lose inches from their midsections first then on their hips and thighs.

The next factor is training experience. This pertains to how long you’ve been training and it’s quality. This will also include tinkering with your nutrition. Many people can see amazing results in 3 months if they consistently follow a workout program that is designed for their goals and they find a nutrition plan that works for their body type. Some people may be fortunate to find these on their first try but most people tend to be in an eternal roller coaster of trying new things. The good news is, if you give something a good try, consistently for a month, you would have a good idea of whether it works for you or not. No matter what, your results will depend on the quality of your effort. If you didn’t follow the programs with at least 90% compliance, don’t expect to see amazing results.

The last factor that I’m going to talk about are your genes. There’s no doubt that your genes can impact many areas of your fat loss. Whether it’s your metabolism, your body type, your muscle building potential, hormone interaction etc., your genetic make up has something to do with it. People who are naturally skinny will obviously not have the problem of gaining weight and there are quite a few people out there who are like this. My point is, it’s unrealistic to compare ourselves to people who have the advantage of “good” genes on their side. Does this mean that we just give up and decide that it’s going to be too difficult? Of course not. This just means that we have to work harder and stick to the workout and nutrition plans more consistently. We may take a longer time to achieve our goals but with the right attitude and tools, it is definitely possible.

I wrote this article because I see people who have unrealistic expectations once they have been doing something for a few months. This is where our culture of immediate gratification can hurt us. It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve an amazing physique. Just ask any fitness model you know and he/she will tell you how many hours of exercise they put in and how much less food they eat. Even the Biggest Loser contestants will tell you that they work out all day and probably starve themselves sometimes in order to see a mind-blowing transformation.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t aspire to have an amazing body if that is what we want. I’m just saying that our actions would have to match our goals. If you want remarkable results, put in remarkable effort.

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  • Hey Anna 🙂 Great post! A friend of mine commented the other day on how in the last few weeks I’ve really seemed to shape up and what was my trick? I have to put it down to consistent workouts, making sure each is intense and simultaneously looking at what I eat [calorie deficit is my new buzz word[s] . after years of trying for a little while then giving up, I know that it will take hard work for a long time before I reach my goals [and then I know I’ll ALSO have to work hard to keep at my goal]. It has been an amazing journey so far and helpful information like yours, really goes a long way to keeping me motivated, thanks!

  • admin

    Hey Genna, you can definitely go a long way with consistency. You are also right about working hard at maintenance although hopefully not as hard 🙂 You are doing great. Keep up the good work!


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  • May

    Great post. I am really glad i finally found a good fitness blog written by FEMALE whose body is something i want.

    Here i would go a little bit off topic. I wonder if you have any tips to stay in good shape while pregnant.

    I knew quite a few mom-to-be has gained 40lbs during their pregnancy and became overweight since then. But i also saw great looking pregnant women (e.g. Heidi Klum) who didn’t put on too much extra kilos so they are usually pretty fit soon after delivering the child.

    so what’s the diet and exercise advices for pregnant women??

  • admin

    Hi May, I haven’t been pregnant but I’ll tell you what I will do when I do. Basically, I would ask my doctor for an estimate on how much extra calories I should be eating for my baby. I would also ask my doctor what kind of exercises I can still do when I’m pregnant.

    The one reason that women gain a lot of weight is they feel that they have to eat tons of calories for the baby and can not exercise. If your calories are coming from mostly vegetables, fruits, and lean meats, you should be able to maintain a pretty good weight without overeating. You may also get a better pregnancy while eating this way i.e. control crazy cravings, etc.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!