Shape Ups or Easy Tone: An Alternative to Working Out?

Shape Ups or Easy Tone: An Alternative to Working Out?

Posted on 19. Jan, 2010 by in Exercise Equipments

As I watched t.v. on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I saw a bunch of ridiculous weight loss commercials. But, the 2 ads that stood out the most for me were those for Skechers’ Shape Ups and Reebok’s Easy Tone. Both companies claim that wearing their shoes will help you burn calories and give you more toned legs and a rounder butt. The price? These shoes cost as much as $110! Aside from the ridiculous claims, they also come with a ridiculous price. These claims stir up some anger in me – just imagine me looking angry with smoke coming out of my ears.

If you haven’t heard of these shoes, here is an ad for Shape Ups that I found on Youtube:

If you go to Skechers’ web site, you will find that they have testimonials and “research” that back up their claims. It says that wearing Shape Ups is like walking on sand – takes more effort which therefore burns more calories compared to walking on pavement. I’m not saying that you won’t burn more calories with these shoes. But, the calories burned just won’t be enough to make you see the results that they’re suggesting you would get. You want a cheaper alternative? Just go to the beach and walk/run there. No, seriously, here is a better alternative…

A Strategy for a Rounder Butt: Kettlebell Swings

You probably know by now that I am a big fan of kettlebells. The reason for this is it’s cheaper than a lot of fitness equipments out there but it is also very effective in giving you a great total body workout at home (or anywhere you wish). They’re definitely cheaper than these shoes that will not deliver on their claim and longer lasting as most kettlebells are probably indestructible.

Want tighter glutes and sexier legs? Do swings instead and eat less.

Here is a video that I created that demonstrates what good kettlebell (KB) swings should look like:

After putting my class through their very first workout of just swings, they report being sore for days at a time. This is not unusual as most people since a lot of us forget how or don’t know how to really squeeze or activate our glute muscles. Of course, this soreness goes to a more normal cycle of about a day or 2 once you’re used to doing swings.

From my experience, I saw that my glutes got much tighter and looked a lot better in my skinny jeans ever since I did KB swings as an alternative to my high intensity intervals. But, I didn’t see this right away. It took a good 3-5 months before I even saw a difference. I used to think that a person is born with a nice butt but I think that most people can achieve a nice, rounder looking behind if they just consistently worked on targeting them on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that target training is effective either. This kind of result can only be achieved with overall fat reduction. Reduce the fat on top of your butt muscle and exercise that muscle for that “toned” look. This is the only way results happen.

By now, I am immune to infomercials for ab equipments but I see these commercials for Shape Ups and Easy Tone as another generation for exploiting the public’s need for immediate gratification. I wish having a beach body was way easier. Believe me, I would be the first person to tell you about it but it just isn’t. I know that eating less and moving more doesn’t sound very sexy compared to just walking your way to a leaner body but doing these two things will definitely save you time, money, and heartache in the long run.

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  • Carla

    Hello, hello,

    it is just so depressing that companies like Reebok come up with such nonsense.

    I guess they feast on the many people out there who are looking for the easy way to a fit body, the miracle pit for as little effort as possible.

    I love kettlebells and anyone who trains with me has learnt to love them too :))

  • admin

    Hi Carla, I totally agree. This is why I just had to write this post. Glad to hear you like kettlebells too!


  • It’s just sad how people are tricked that fat loss is easy. I’ve been on the journey for almost a year now and man, it ain’t easy. There are no shortcuts. We just have to cut all the b.s. – eat less (and balanced) and MOVE MORE. That’s it. End of story.

    Great post!

    BTW, I just bought my first KB’s!

  • admin

    Right on, Grace. Congrats on getting your first KBs. Let me know if you have any questions with your training.


  • Daniela

    I disagree. I bought the Shape-Ups when I visited a friend in Nashville for Christmas (I live in Sweden). They are the best shoes I’ve ever tried and for the first time in my life I found something that works for me. I have lost weight and I even have a nicer looking butt after only a month! Have you actually TRIED the shoes or are you just guessing based on a commercial you for some reason don’t like, that they don’t? I loved these so much that I asked the biggest sports-chain in Sweden to get these into their range. Of course, gym-freaks will always think it’s so much better to do it the old-fashioned way, because that’s all they know. For me, and many others, these have made it possible to get a good work out while having fun (the gym has to be the most boring place I can imagine). Well… Just my two cents. 🙂

  • admin

    Hi Daniela, if you haven’t worked out before and just started using shape-ups, I don’t have any doubt that it will give you some kind of results. What I’m saying is, it will stop working in the long run. The benefits that you will great from these shoes just simply won’t give you long term results. I haven’t actually tried them so maybe there is some guessing involved on my part on how well they work but from a personal trainer’s view who trains many people day in, day out, it just isn’t enough to do the job.

    Thank you for visiting and I appreciate your opinion.


  • Cindy

    I, too, used to be quite a skeptic of Shape ups. I considered it to be the ‘lazy’ alternative to excercise. However, while trying to find the best shoes to stand in for 7+ hours a day, I was reccommended to try Shape ups, and begrudgingly did. The shoes are great! I have a history of back problems, and it makes my day so much easier not having to feel how long i have been standing. For someone that can’t take any form of high intensity workouts, like myself, (and I’m only 20 years old! 🙁 ), the shoes are really great. Though, I do agree that they are simply not a substitute for diet and excercise.. they’re just good motivation!

  • admin

    Hi Cindy, I really appreciate your feedback. It’s great that you’ve found something to help you with your back problems. Every little bit helps 🙂


  • Carrie

    I am in good shape am an ardent walker. I train for and partisipate in charity walks like the 60 mile Three Day Walk for Breast Cancer.
    I bought the shape ups…
    And your claims are false.
    You are judging something you have not researched nor tried.

  • admin

    Hi Carrie, I’m not saying that you won’t get some type of result from using the shoes. I’m saying that in order to really get long lasting results that make a difference in your fitness and health, people would have to do more than just walk. I don’t have anything against walking. I think it’s a great form of exercise especially for people who can’t run or have injuries.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  • Carrie

    Walking has been THE key in my recent 50lb weight loss. Good shoes, are the walker’s equipment.
    I have about 15lbs more to go before my goal is reached.

    I do feel the difference with these shoes. But like anything, they are just a tool.
    So, what is best for exercise for triceps, anyone??

  • admin

    Carrie, you’re right. It is a tool and I’m glad to hear that you were able to reach your goals through walking. Have you tried tricep dips or tricep extensions? Those are really good for triceps but if there is still fat on top of the triceps, simply doing these won’t let your triceps show more. Overall fat reduction is the key to seeing more muscle tone.


  • brittany

    so my boyfriend has been wanting to get kettlebells for quite some time now and loves pavel's books on them. and he is convinced that his kettlebells are the only ones to get. but you stated here that they are cheap but pavel's are definitely expensive. Where and how much did you get yours for?

  • AnnaDornier

    Brittany, your boyfried is right in saying that Pavel's or Dragondoor's
    kettlebells are the best quality in the market. I would never buy cheaper
    kettlebells again after I bought some from another company but you can find
    some good deals on Ebay if you really want to. I wouldn't recommend it
    though. I say just stick to Dragondoor kettlebells and enjoy your


  • Spazicoco

    Hmmm????  Not sure why you are so “angry” about the claims that Skechers made BUT I am a runner.  I have run for 23 years.  I have done marathons, 1/2 marathons and many other races.  I just purchased a pair of Shape-Ups to walk with my husband (who is not a runner) and found that I was so sore the day after I first used them!!!  We walked about 4 miles and fast.  Obviously he was sore in hamstrings, butt and thighs – even abs.  I was less sore but never-the-less sore in places that I was happy to feel the ache!!  I run 4 – 8 miles per day and run 10 – 15 on Sunday’s.  For me to feel sore after a 4 mile walk is unlikely BUT I attribute that feeling to these shoes.  I have walked with my hubby many times and never felt like I did the day after wearing Shape-Ups.  And I found them to be comparable in price to any other walking/running shoe.  Soooo, for all of you who wonder if you should get these shoes or not, don’t let “her” opinion detour you from doing so.  I am all for people getting out there and walking/moving!!! It can be in Shape-Ups or any other shoe – just get out there and move!  🙂

  • I say this to @3e3707e007e9e267ca7ace9be3f3fe2c:disqus @a1f2edcbb8e02db223fcdaa5a1248e7b:disqus @e851bb263b907ae5ad9457db52f8218f:disqus @40945b7ef122083b988c03ed4f4b3162:disqus  I am not “angry” at all.  I am just getting the word out there that this is not the be all and all tool to getting in shape.  Getting in shape takes a lot more than putting on a pair of shoes and it’s definitely not going to work for everyone.  For instance, I have a client who has knee problems and it seems that her knee problems get worse whenever she wears these shoes.  Same thing for another client who developed back pain after wearing these shoes.  So, while they work for some people, it is not recommended for others.  Also, most people who would use these shoes are probably doing other types of workouts as well.  It is one tool out of many 🙂