How to Use Path to Fat Loss

How to Use Path to Fat Loss

Posted on 12. Jan, 2010 by in Fat loss

It’s still the first month of the new year and I thought that it would be great to write a guide on how to get the most of This is very timely because this is usually the time of the year when people are thinking about getting their act together in terms of exercise and nutrition.

So, to get started the very first thing that you can read is the Fat Loss Primer. I wrote this e-book because I realized that a lot of people are at a lost in terms of getting started with their fat loss efforts. There’s a lot of misconceptions out there about what you should and should not do when it comes to losing weight and this e-book will set those straight. It is basically a compilation of my exerience as an individual and a personal trainer.

Second, figure out which areas you need the most help with and explore the article archives which you can access by clicking on the categories at the top of the page.

To help you navigate through the articles, here are some posts from each category that I think would be of great help to you:



I want to tell you that while looking through the blog posts I have written in the past, it was difficult for me to prioritize which ones made the guide list. So, after you’ve read all the articles from this list, feel free to explore each category. You never know which article will give you that aha moment.

Lastly, there is one post that is really important and the reason why I do what I do and continue on the path of fitness (for life). This post is entitled, “What is Your Why.” This is a very important step that anyone should do (i.e. mandatory) because will power is usually not enough. To read this post, click here.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this post helps you with New Year’s Goals!

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