A Sneak Peak at My Meal Plan

A Sneak Peak at My Meal Plan

Posted on 26. Aug, 2009 by in Nutrition

So, we’re almost done with the “Manage Your Sugar Cravings Challenge.” I should have written about this earlier but I wanted to quickly give you an idea of how I ate my way through this challenge without triggering some serious cravings. I know that I mentioned my strategies from the previous post but this article will show you how I actually applied them daily. Also, if you are trying to learn new and better nutrition habits, this might also teach you a few good ones.

If you haven’t done so already, I’d like to read my post on food preparation by clicking here before you proceed with the rest of the post. Preparation really is the key when it comes to healthy eating because if you don’t have your meals prepared ahead of time or your vegetables cut up as soon as you buy them, chances are you won’t follow your meal plan. Life has the habit of getting in the way of your goals, no matter what those goals are, so it’s best to be prepared for what it will throw at you.

Ok, so here is a sample of how 2 days of my eating, with a 24 hour fast in between, for the sugar cravings challenge will looked like…


Breakfast: 1 Ezekiel Bread Toast, 1 Omega-3 egg, 3 slices Hormel Natural Ham, 2 fish oil capsules, and 1 Fields of Greens

Morning Snack (I mix all these together like a Parfait):

  • 1 sliced Fuji apple
  • 3 tablespoons organic, nonfat, plain yogurt
  • Splashes of sugar free Maple Syrup
  • 4 pieces Pecans (chopped)


  • Salad with homemade dressing
  • 4 oz broiled chicken breast
  • 3 cups sauteed Kale
  • 1 peach

Fast until lunch the next day.


On this day, I’m breaking my fast at lunch.


  • 4 oz broiled Salmon
  • 2 cups Chinese Brocolli
  • 2 tangerines

PM Snack (post workout):

  • 1/2 Spinach Bolani with Mint Garlic Yogurt (these are both Persian food staples that I get from the Farmer’s Market)
  • Salad greens with 1 Omega-3 hard boiled egg and homemade dressing


  • 4 oz Ground Turkey Patty
  • 3 cups Garlic sauteed Kale
  • 1 peach

So, you can see from this meal plan that my starchy carbohydrates were limited to breakfast and after a workout. The trend to watch out for here is that I have lean meats, green vegetables and a piece of fruit during most meals. During those times when it’s not convenient for me to eat my vegetables such as during a meeting or in between training clients (when I’m in a hurry), I take a tablet of Fields of Greens supplement with my meal. This seems to help to stabilize my sugar levels until it’s time for the next meal.

I hope you got a good idea on how you can manage your cravings. There’s also some room for great snack ideas here. I say if you think some things in your fridge will taste good together, go ahead and try that combination. Most of the time, this is how most of my great recipes are made!

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  • Your meal plan du jour is pretty solid (in my own opinion). Excellent use of protein, low carbs/starches (including excellent timing), and fats.

    I apologize for not thanking you for all of the great advice regarding PT as a profession. I’ve saved the emails and will happily use the information you’ve given me once things settle down here at home.

    Thank you


  • admin

    Hi Mike, no worries. I know how crazy life can get sometimes. Best of luck with all your endeavors. I’m sure you will do fine and that you will be a great trainer.


  • Great diet and something we can all aspire to follow. Simple clean and healthy eating, whilst looking tasty. It’s the best way to eat. Kudos on the awesome website, just found it thanks to Rusty’s Fitness Black Book!

  • admin

    Hi Chris, thanks for stopping by! I’ve read some of your posts before too. You are doing a great job over there. Let’s keep in touch!