Why Do You Need to Be Flexible?

Why Do You Need to Be Flexible?

Posted on 10. Jun, 2009 by in Exercise, Exercise Equipments

Ever seen those weird looking white, round foam equipment lying around in your gym? Maybe, you’ve even seen people use it from time to time. They’re called foam rollers and it is an excellent tool for performing flexibility exercises.

I’ve always known that stretching is an important part of any fitness program. But, I didn’t know how beneficial it really is to my overall well-being until I studied flexibility training in more detail and experienced how much better I feel after doing it regularly. Now, I’m not talking about the regular stretching exercises that people usually do before and after a workout. Those are helpful too but there’s nothing like a good stretch that a foam roller provides.

Ok, I’m going to be a bit more technical for a minute and I hope I don’t confuse you in the process. Flexibility exercises that are done with foam rollers are called Self-Myofascial Release (SMR). The process is basically done by applying gentle pressure on “tight” muscles.

So, how do muscles become tight? When you perform exercises regularly, carry out repetitive movements (i.e. sitting at your desk), or simply have bad posture, your muscles tend to be overworked. Your muscles will eventually tear or form adhesions and ultimately repair itself. The problem happens when they repair and they don’t go back to their normal state. The muscles stick to each other which causes them to be stiff. Imagine a scar forming after being wounded – the skin is not as supple as it once was and it’s now replaced with hardened scar tissues. When this happens to your muscles, your movements, in exercise and everyday tasks, will not be as efficient as they once were.

Self-Myofascial Release is Like Deep Tissue Massage

Ever heard your masseuse say that your muscles are tight in some areas? Self-myofascial release basically deep tissue massage and does the same thing a massage would do to your muscles but it’s a cheaper alternative (although, I highly recommend getting a massage regularly especially for those hard to reach areas like the shoulder muscles). When done regularly, the pressure from the foam roller against your tight muscles will force them into their natural, straight alignment.

Why do I not want tight muscles?

Tight muscles can cause many problems like:

  • Increased pain from muscle soreness
  • Muscle spasms during exercises – this used to happen to my calves a lot especially while I’m running
  • Movement compensation – you won’t be able to practice full range of motion during exercises because your tight muscles are preventing you from doing so.
  • Further muscle imbalance – when some of your muscles are tight while performing any type of movement, the other muscles that participate in that movement will compensate for that muscle causing further harm to your posture and exercise form. In technical terms, this is called the Cumulative Injury Cycle

How does Self-myofascial Release work?

When you apply pressure to a tight muscle or “knot,” you decrease the activity of the muscle spindles and stimulate the Golgi Tendon Organ (GTO – no, not Pontiac GTO…lol). Muscle spindles lie parallel to your muscle and they are sensitive to the change in muscle length and how fast (or slow) that muscle is lengthening while GTOs are sensitive to muscle tension and how fast (or slow) the tension is being applied. When muscle spindle activity is decreased and the GTOs are activated, your muscles relax. It is only at this time when you can “straighten” your muscle.

How to Perform Self-Myofascial Release

Basically, you can apply tension on any muscle by rolling on top of a foam roller and using your body weight to create pressure on that muscle for 20 to 30 seconds. How I wish I can demonstrate these to you myself through pictures or a video but I don’t have a photographer at the moment. But, here is an article from perform better which shows some examples of how they should be done – “Self-Myofascial Release Techniques”.

Foam rollers can be purchased from places like PerformBetter.com or Amazon.com. I suggest you get the round ones and not the half ones so that you can roll it around.

EVA Foal Roller

Currently, I’m doing 3 muscle groups a day, 3 times a week on days when I don’t workout. Most people would probably be better off doing more muscle groups at a time when they first start doing SMR but starting with just a few muscles makes it more manageable. I have to tell you that it can also be very painful especially if you have a lot of tight muscles. This may discourage some people from doing it on a regular basis but knowing the benefits that it can have on your posture and overall movement may just give you enough motivation to want to do it. I promise that you will feel better in the long run.

Lastly, most people forget that dynamic and efficient movement starts with proper posture. When your posture is not correct to begin with, your muscles will suffer in the long run which may lead to pain and injury.

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  • I’ve just recently bought one of these foam rollers myself. Mine’s a pretty lilac colour though 🙂

    I’ve got a very tight hamstring and glute at the moment and you are so right when you say that it can be painful. Brings a sweat on, that’s for sure!!

  • admin

    Hi Jaykay, from what I remember you run a lot right? That is probably why your lower body is tight. It’s good that you got one. I highly recommend foam rollers to everyone!


  • I have been practicing self myofascial release for about 18 months, I was suffering with chronic back/neck pain. I did not know what it was called at the time and started using a baseball, softball and PVC pipe, chronic muscle pain needs deep tissue massage and the harder props helped me make some big gains. My muscle problems are no longer chronic and I’m back to living a more active lifestyle. I won’t be giving up my practice anytime soon and I recommend it to all my friends. Great post, its nice to hear you spreading the good word..

  • admin

    Hey Riaz, thanks for stopping by! I just popped into your web site and you got some great info on SMR there. I’ll be following your blog as well as I want to learn more about your experiences with regards to muscle pain and muscle imbalances.


  • I absolutely swear by the foam roller. It is the best thing for any person, trainer or client, to have in their kit bag. Nothing feels better than rolling your back out after you’ve been sitting on a computer for a few hours!

  • admin

    Hey Daniel, your comment is just another testimonial that foam rolling is a must. Thanks for joining in on the discussion!


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