Video Series 3: Fat Loss Action Plan

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This is the last video in the fat loss motivation series and it talks about setting up a plan for action. If you haven’t seen the 2nd video of the series, click here. This post is basically a written version of the video so if you want to read the post instead of watching the video, you can continue reading. But reading the information you just watched might be helpful in terms of getting the concept down.

Here is the video:

Here is the transcript of the video…

Regarding creating your plan for action, one main strategy that I like to use is to:

“Start with the End in Mind”

This means that if your goal is to have that beach body then, you should be able to visualize yourself on the beach and looking great in that sexy bikini. I say bikini because it’s easier to visualize it that way but I’m sure that the men out there can easily visualize themselves sporting their six pack abs in shorts (or whatever you guys wear). If visualizing means putting something tangible like a picture that you cut up from Sports illustrated then by all means cut it and put it up where you can see it daily.

Be Specific

If you’re having trouble visualizing your goal, start with something specific. A lot of people always say that they want to lose weight and yet they don’t even know how much weight they want to lose. When you’re specific with your goals, it’s easier to set up a plan to reach that goal because you’ll have something to measure your progress with.

Here’s an example. Lose 8 lbs by May 31st. Notice that I mentioned a specific number and date when I want to accomplish the goal – these are important because it makes the goal more tangible and urgent.

Think of your next step(s)

Next, I think about the very first step that I can take right now to get me closer to that goal. Let’s say that the first thing I can do is to add an extra day of doing high intesity interval training. So, instead of doing them 3 times a week. I would do intervals 4 times a week.

After that, I would also want to reduce my cheat meals each week. So, I would eat just 1 small cheat meal instead of 2 small cheat meals. Notice I said small because some people go all out on cheat meals and turn into a cheat day or a cheat fest.

Then, I can start paying more attention to drinking more water each day by drinking 2 more glasses each day and so on…

If I keep on doing all these things – they become a part of my lifestyle to the point that, over time, I will eventually reach my goal on the deadline that I set for it.

Two Questions

To apply this concept to your situation ask yourself two questions: What is my goal and be specific – find a tangible representation of that goal. I was watching the Biggest Loser the other day and the contestants were able to wear what they called “goal outfits.” For one girl, her goal outfit were size 8 clothes and she was able to wear them even before the season ended.

Second, what can I do right now to get me closer to that goal? Look at my example again if you need more help in this area.

Baby Steps

It’s important to realize that your baby steps will lead to long term success and will help you achieve your end goal. This actually brings a quote in mind that may sound cliche but it really rings true in this instance and that is “a Journey begins with a single step.” But to take that quote further, a journey is made up of a series of steps.

In Conclusion

Finally, I want to point out the obvious – Don’t feel overwhelmed. Just because your goal looks too big right now, doesn’t mean that it is not attainable. Write down your goals because that makes them more real. Again, get a tangible representation of that goal. I can’t stress this step enough because seeing something in front of you can bring all sorts of emotions attached to that goal which can provide you with the motivation to get started with that goal.

Lastly, think of your action steps and ACT on them. The most important part of all this is action. Remember, that with no action there is no reaction. Your goals will not happen just because you wrote them down on paper – you have to DO something about it.

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