My Second Turbulence Training Transformation Results

Posted on 31. Mar, 2009 by in My Fitness Updates

Sunday, March 29, was the end of my 12-week Turbulence Training transformation. First, here are my stats:

Categories Starting Statistics Ending Statistics Difference
% Body Fat 18.65% 17.21% -1.44%
Lean Body Mass 97.86 lbs 96.86 lbs -0.76 lbs
Fat Mass 22.38 lbs 20.14 lbs -2.24 lbs
Total Weight 120 lbs. 117 lbs -3 lbs

Workout Programs used:

  • Fusion for Fat Loss with 3-minute Arms
  • Buff Dudes, Hot Chicks
  • 2K5

There are so many thoughts in my head right now about what I could’ve, should’ve, would’ve done if I were to do this transformation again because I know that I could’ve done better on a lot of aspects of this challenge. However, I will focus on the changes that I did make. After all, I was able to make a lot of good changes in terms of my nutrition and exercise.

I’ve got to say that at some point during the beginning of the transformation, I was confused as to whether I should lose fat or gain muscle as I saw some parts of my body being more on the “skinny” side which is really not the look that I was going for. So, I wasn’t able to really focus on one goal which may have slowed my progress in terms of my “physical goals” but I am still happy with the changes I’ve made. The one lesson I learned is: Whenever I was in doubt of my goal(s), I always chose to DO something instead of stopping whatever I am doing due to indecision.

This really is a continuous learning experience for me in a way that I have to constantly gauge my progress because I didn’t know how my body will respond especially since I haven’t experienced this level of fitness before. I realized that things were definitely less complicated when I still have a lot of weight to lose but it gets more difficult as I got closer to my body composition goals. Having said that, I know now that in order to make significant changes from this point forward, I also had to tighten things on the nutrition front even more.

Overall, this experience have been very rewarding for me. Health and fitness are two things that I intend to keep in my life and my journey does not end here. As one TT member, Shantay, said, “it’s a journey, not a destination.”

so, here’s my goal review:

Physical goals:

  • Get to 17-18% body fat or lose 8 lbs. during the first 8 weeks – yes
  • Gain lean body mass for the last 4 weeks – no

Behavioral goals

  • Eat 5 planned meals a day at an average of 1450-1500 calories a day – I had to increase my calorie intake to maintenance towards the end as I didn’t want to lose as much as I thought.
  • Perform 5 chin-ups and 3 pull-ups. – I can only perform 3 full chin ups and 3 eccentric pull ups (lowering part only for 10 seconds)
  • Perform my KB swings circuit, Total Body Ten, or other Bodyweight cardio and an abdominal circuit on my light days. I also plan to work on chin-ups and pull ups during these days. – I slacked on this towards the end as evident from the previous goal but this is worthy of a separate post in itself.
  • Allow myself only one “off” meal a week. – this is more like 3 moderate treats – did good but could’ve done better.
  • Increase weights even by a small amount on some (not all) exercises during every workout. If I can’t increase the weights, I will increase the reps. – Yes!
  • Eat less refined carbs (e.g. sugars, white flour, white rice etc.) and try new whole grains such as quinoa, spelt, couscous, etc. – Yes!
  • No cereals except for an All-bran cereal. – I have been cereal-free for 6 weeks!
  • Try at least (I’ve been trying a lot lately) one healthy recipe every week using natural ingredients. – Yes!

And now, for the pictures. The real evidence of my hard work.

Front View

Front View

Side View

Side View

Back View

Back View

Joining the transformation contest has truly been a big motivator for me. If not for the deadline and support, I probably wouldn’t have stuck to any of my goals long enough to truly see the fruits of my hard work. I encourage anyone out there who have been “thinking” of getting into shape to join one even if it’s just for fun. In the end, it’s not the price that matters but the valuable experience that you gained from it.

This transformation contest would soon be over, finalists will be announced, winners will be declared, and a new challenge will start soon after. Will you be up for it?

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  • Andy

    Great job, Anna! You did great. It’s always going to be a learning process. Knowing everything you know now only means you’ll even have even higher goals to challenge yourself. Keep on rocking it!


  • Anna, you did great! It also looks like you nailed a lot of your goals. Honestly, it’s tough to attain every single one. Gaining lean mass while not gaining bodyfat is one of the most difficult. Still, the results are there in living color. You definitely made great strides with your leg definition (not to mention your core).

    Like you re-stated….it’s not nec. the destination, but the journey.



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  • admin

    Andy, you did a great job yourself. You are one of my inspirations!

    Mike, thanks! I wish you joined the contest too. I’d like to see your results because I know that you and Andy do all those nutbag workouts…haha.


  • Bex

    Hi Anna

    You look great. Why did you go with 5 meals a day rather than intermittent fasting which you had done in the past?

  • admin

    Hi Bex, thanks! I did eat 5 meals and fasted 2x a week at the same time. I know it sounds like two extremes but it worked well with my schedule and helped keep me satisfied.

    Thanks for stopping by!