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Posted on 25. Mar, 2009 by in Motivation

Today’s post is not really related to health and fitness – well, not as much as the others but I promise that there’s some lessons to be learned here. My husband and I decided that we wanted to break out of the usual weekend routine by driving down to Southern California which is about 6 hours from where we currently live. We didn’t really have any specific plans besides the fact that we intended to go to a friend’s birthday party on Saturday night.

Friday was a beautiful day and I was able to take some pictures of the beautiful scenery along the 5 freeway right before we approach the Los Angeles traffic. Unfortunately, I only had my crappy phone with me so I don’t think that it will justify the beauty of this view. I was also taking this from inside the car so you can see the reflections on the glass.

Lake View from the Interstate-5

Lake View from the Interstate-5

My sister also wanted to check out a really cool Japanese restaurant on overlooking Los Angeles. So, we went with her on Saturday night right before my friend’s party out of curiosity. At the same time, I was in the mood for some Asian cuisine especially after reading Rusty’s post about Southeast Asian food. The restaurant was quite pricey but the food and the views were quite amazing and well worth the money we paid for them. I wish I took a picture of the food (especially the desert which was heavenly) but I was only able to take some blurry pictures on top of the hill.

The restaurant’s name is Yamashiro and you can check out their web site, here. They also have a 360 degree tour on their web site just in case you’d like to see better pictures for yourself. I highly recommend the place if ever you find yourself in the area.

View Overlooking L.A.

View Overlooking L.A.

A different angle from Yamashiro

A different angle from Yamashiro

So, on to my friend’s party in Irvine in the O.C. (sorry, I just had to say it…lol). I wasn’t really expecting much but I know that she used to throw the most awesome parties back when we were in college. It turns out that she still does! Towards the end of the night, we ended up playing (well, I didn’t but my husband did) a game called “Flip a Cup.” I never played or ever heard of the game before but it sure was fun even though I was just watching from the side lines.

Basically, there are two groups and each group would have an equal number of members. Then, each person will have cup filled with beer and the amount of beer would have to match that of your competitor’s. One person from each team will then drink the beer at the same time and as soon as they’re done drinking they have to set the edge of the table, bottom side down and flip it up until it stays up side down. Then, the next person goes and so on. I realize that it’s difficult to explain but here is a video of it (again, from my crappy phone).

You have to click on this link to view in another window:
The Flip a Cup Video

I urge to try this at least once in any of your parties because the game gets more fun as people get more drunk…LOL. The only issue with this is you have to find people who like to drink beer and you have to buy a lot of that stuff – I suggest you buy a “light” beer for this one. Personally, I can’t drink more than two even when I was in college. I prefer Margaritas instead πŸ™‚

So, my point for writing this post is this: don’t be afraid to take a break no matter what it is that you’re currently doing. As they always say, “stop and smell the flowers.” Lately, I haven’t been feeling motivated to do anything and I think that this trip was just the right “breather” for me. We all have busy lives and it seems that we have never ending chores to do. Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to say the heck with everything – “I need a break” and just go for it.

I may have missed one gym session but it really won’t affect my results that much as I’ve stated before in the 90% rule. At times, the best trips are those that you don’t plan and this one was one of those trips. I am one to sweat the small stuff and I realized that when I did take a break, the world didn’t stop revolving. The stuff that needs to get done will still be there tomorrow or the next day (just don’t make it a habit…haha). In the end, I felt more energized to tackle my tasks ahead and was actually more productive in a lot of things.

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  • Andy

    Nice trip to So Cal….so you did say the “O.C.”….

    Where’s your pics in here? hahahah!!!

    Nice pics! I-5 in LA and down here…really sucks. =(

  • “I may have missed one gym session but it really won’t affect my results that much”

    Actually, missing a workout will affect your results…if you are consistently hitting it hard, you’ll get some needed rest and will return stronger.

    It’s definitely tough to take time off….another one of my weaknesses.

  • admin


    I always forget to post pictures of myself. This is probably because I’m always the one taking pictures…hehe. I’ve been to the I-5 around your area – some parts actually look pretty good but traffic is just bad.


    When I say “miss,” I mean unplanned πŸ™‚ So, if you have a planned rest after consistently going to the gym for 12 weeks then, that’s when your situation applies. I know what you mean though.

    I think that you should definitely take your rest. It will do your body good but you already know that.