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Posted on 16. Feb, 2009 by in Exercise

Every Saturday morning I have this routine of doing High Intensity Intervals on the treadmill as soon as I wake up (i.e. before I eat breakfast). I use the one and only treadmill in the exercise room of the complex where I live. It’s usually not being used on Saturday morning especially not at 7:30 in the morning.

But, this past Saturday, to my surprise, a girl was using it and when I asked her how much longer she had, she said, “45 minutes.” First, I felt sorry for the girl and I almost wanted to tell her that she’s wasting her time but I just kept my mouth shut. Second, I was left with 3 choices, one: say f*ck it and not work out; two: wait 45 minutes (but I knew the longer I wait, the more I wouldn’t want to do it); third: use my kettlebells at home and be creative.

Boy, did I wish I just waited for her to finish because I really kicked my butt with this workout…haha. Ok, so I ended up using my kettlebells at home combined with my Iron Gym. So, here is how it went down:

Kettlebell (KB) Swings Tabata Style:

8 rounds
KB Swings 18 lbs x 20 seconds
KB Swings 35 lbs x 10 seconds

I was huffin’ and puffin’ after this but I felt that I wanted to do more so I did this.

Kettelbell Swings HIIT Style:

KB Swings 1 set x 35 lbs x 60 seconds, 2 chin ups after this set
KB Swings 3 sets x 18 lbs x 60 seconds, 1 chin up after each set

All in all, I did 344 KB Swings! My legs actually felt a little sore the next day to the point that I wasn’t sure if I can finish my regularly schedule Buff Dudes, Hot Chicks Workout A (which I was still able to do after a little warm up).

So, what’s the lesson of the story? There’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to perform another form of workout just because I couldn’t do my usual workouts. Besides the Tabatas and HIIT, I could also have chosen a body weight workout from my arsenal of Turbulence Training Programs. So yah, I don’t have anymore excuses except for being lazy 🙂

I was so surprised with myself too when I was able to perform my second chin up! This is the first time I was able to do 2 consecutively. I guess my arms got tired from all the KB swings that I was only able to perform 2 chin ups on the first set but I was still thrilled!

This really was a weekend (not technically because this is Monday’s) of personal bests because I was able to run my intervals today (Monday’s light day activity) at my fastest to date:

First interval: 8.3 mph at 60 seconds
Second interval: 8.7 mph at 60 seconds
Third and Fourth interval: 9 mph at 60 seconds!

Looking back, I had a very productive weekend especially if shopping and checking out a new Mexican restaurant on Valentine’s day counts…lol. So, how did your weekend go?

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  • Isn’t it incredible what type of HIIT’s we can do without treadmills and although cardio gizmos out there, Anna…

    I remember those times when i used to ask people how much time you got on a piece of gym equipment. Not anymore!

    Great job! Nice KB workout….


  • correction: change “although” for “all those” in my post…couldn’t edit! Haha!

  • admin

    hahaha…I kinda thought that’s what you were trying to say 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by again. Loved your post today as well!