5 Reasons Why this Workout is Effective for Fat Loss

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My Eye Candy

Ok, the picture doesn’t have anything to do with the post but it sure helps for some inspiration…wink, wink.

It’s Thursday (as I write this) and this means that it’s time for Turbulence Training workoutBuff Dudes, Hot Chicks – Workout C.” This goes on in my head….aaaaahhhhhh. Why? I just happen to remember my gym session from last week with the same workout and I remember saying to myself, “What the f*ck was Craig thinking?” (excuse my French).

I’m not the only one who chose this workout, other TT Members like Matrix2Pyro, Crystal, Erin, and others are also dying from this workout. This is what they have to say about it:

Matrix2Pyro: “I wanted someone to call 911.” and “I think Craig was mad while he was designing this workout.”
Crystal: “If this doesn’t make me a hot chick, I don’t know what will.”

When I first looked over this workout, I didn’t think it would be a killer. But, as I read it again on my way to the gym last Thursday, I got nervous. While I’ve done most of the exercises before and I know I can definitely perform them, it was how it was supposed to be carried out that had my heart beating fast just by reading it. Probably not as fast as if I was in the middle of a High Intensity Interval Training. Ok, maybe a tad bit lower.


Here is my workout:

Workout C (weight per side) – SQUEEZE every repetition on top of the exercise

Superset #1 (# of sets x # of repetitions x weight)
1A) DB Reverse Lunge – 3x12x25 reps
1B) Stability Ball Jackknife – 3×15 reps
No rest in between sets

Superset #2
2A) BB Romanian Deadift – 3x10x70
2B) Elevated Pushups – 3×10 reps per side
No rest in between sets

Superset #3
3A) DB Row – 1x15x20, 2x12x20
3B) Stability Ball Leg Curl – 3×20
No rest in between sets

Timed Intervals

1) Bodyweight Squats
a. (20 second squats + 10 second hold in bottom position x 8 rounds)

2) Pushups
a. (20 seconds pushups + 10 second hold in top position x 4 rounds)

3) Plank + Side Plank
a. (20 second plank + 10 second side plank alternating sides x 8 rounds)

4) Touchdown Lunges + T-Pushups
a. (20 seconds lunges + 10 seconds T-pushups x 2 rounds)

Most Turbulence Training workouts look “easy” on paper. But, when it’s performed properly and as prescribed by Craig, they are killers!

So, what makes this workout so tough and effective:

  • No rest in between sets – This is the first TT workout I’ve ever done where Craig didn’t allow any time for rest in between sets. I tell you he’s a mad man. Combined with all the other reasons below, this workout tests your endurance while performing strength training exercises!
  • High repetitions – Again, most TT workouts that I have performed so far usually had at most 10 repetitions for each exercise. For this workout, almost every exercise had to be performed at 10 repetitions or higher. So consider this equation: higher reps = more muscle fatigue = tougher exercise.
  • Squeeze on top of the exercise – Another TT first! This is Craig’s newest exercise tip. He says that, “Squeezing on top of the movement requires you to use lighter weights for all exercises.” To me, this translates to using more muscle fibers which makes it a more effective exercise but also tougher.
  • Compound movements – lunges, deadlift, pushups, jacknife, planks, squats etc. are all considered compound movements which means that it recruits the majority of your muscle groups. Hence, it gives you a total body workout which makes it all the more exhausting.
  • Tabatas – the first time I heard this term from Andy (another TT Member), I was like “Taba what?” Craig adapted the Tabata Protocol into the timed intervals which he placed at the very end of this workout. Ross Enamait explains why Tabatas are tough and more effective in this article: Tabata Intervals. This workout includes not just one but FOUR tabatas – enough said.

So, now you know. If you’ve been thinking about showing off your abs at the beach this summer or even the gym, don’t forget to grab your copy of TT for Abs . CB is giving 25% off and it ends today, Friday the 13th…bwahahahaha. Ok, that was corny.

I gotta tell you that I’m glad that I only have to do this workout 2 more times. After that, I probably won’t go back to it..lol. Joking aside, I have a lot of other TT workouts to choose from but if I just wanted to kick my butt, I just might go back to this workout just for sh*ts and giggles.

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  • An inspirational pic? I’m going to go home after work, put on a pair of boxers and ask my wife if she’s inspired as well. Thanks for making me laugh!!! Knowing me, when my abs look like his, I’ll post the pic on my blog just for you.

    I just completed week 1 of the 2k9 and am really impressed. While I cannot wait to try the “Buff Dudes” TT session, I really love/hate the one I’m doing.

    I like the ideas of squeezing each rep, zero rest between sets and the Tabata intervals. But I’m not into reps in excess of 8 (10 is my max with actual lifting of weight..excluding BW).

    great post…again


  • admin

    I’m glad I entertained you as well 🙂 I am holding you with that promise ok? I’m sure you’re wife will appreciate the view.

    I agree with the high reps. I feel that my technique suffers if they’re higher than 8. But, as long as I keep my weight low enough, I’m ok with it.

  • I just read an article by Alwyn Cosgrove that specifically goes against low weights/high reps (basically calls them worthless). Ironic to find CB and AC on different sides of the fence. To increase fat loss, you have to force the muscles to burn fat. The fat we’re looking to burn comes off after the workout and not during. Reps over 8-10 defeat that purpose….now I’m confused. Wish I was still on the TT website so I could ask him my question directly.

    have a great Valentine’s Day!

  • admin

    Aaahhh…I read that article today too and it also got me confused. But, I also read that reps 8-12 are good for muscle growth so, there’s definitely a great deal of confusion. Right now, I’m just sticking to the workout as prescribed and tune out everything. We’ll see what the results will be later 🙂

  • Your links in this are wonderful I went through all this and I really appreciate it thanks for your articles.

  • admin

    Hi Matthew, thanks for the comment and for stopping by.