What is your WHY?

Posted on 05. Feb, 2009 by in Motivation

Yesterday, I read this speech transcript from Barefoot Executive, Carrie Wilkerson entitled, “What is your WHY?.” She basically talks about the reasons that drive her for staying committed in her business especially through tough times. When I read it, I related it in terms of my WHY for fat loss. God knows, I’d also want to be in business someday but that will require more attention from me later on (like later this month….lol).

So, what is my why for losing fat? It is not some B.S. about wanting to be around my children (which I don’t have yet) or getting healthy really – well, at least, it didn’t start out that way. At first, I was tired. I was tired of sitting down and seeing my belly fat spill over my jeans no matter how much I sucked it in. I was tired of shopping for clothes that looked better on the mannequin than they did on me. I wanted to buy clothes that looked great on me and reflected how I felt about myself. See, I never had self-esteem issues. I always thought that I looked better than the average Mary or Annie. I mean, I wasn’t supermodel hot but I knew I had some things going for me.

That was my WHY then – about 3 months ago. Like Carrie said in her speech, my WHY evolved because I have evolved. I never thought that I would ever be into fitness — or eating healthy for that matter. Now, I am a health nut and proud of it! So, once I have achieved some of my goals like losing 3 inches off my waist (thanks to Turbulence Training, healthy eating, hard work, and motivation), I moved on to my other WHYs. While I still want to be able to look in the mirror and see some of my ab muscles, I want to be able to say that I take care of myself and if taking care of myself means, eating 5 healthy meals a day and kicking my butt in the gym 3 days a week then, so be it.

My WHY also has something to do with not wanting to be just like everyone else. I don’t want to be “average” all my life. I want to be able to say that I am healthier and more fit compared to the average person. I want to be able to say that I can do this many push ups, I can squat this much pounds etc. I want to be able to say that I’ve accomplished something that some people only dream or think about.

Now that I’m on the subject of people, I just to say that they all mean well. Although, sometimes when you’re at a certain weight where you’re not fat but you’re not skinny – let’s just call it borderline fat – a lot of people will say, “girl, you’re not fat.” I’m thinking, “on whose standards, yours or mine?” The truth is, when I used to hear that from my friends, I was about 25 lbs overweight and had about 33% body fat. So yah, for my standards, I was fat. I didn’t want to wait until I was 100 lbs overweight before I did anything about it. So that was also a part of my WHY on top of the fact that I come from a family with a tendency to develop Diabetes.

Can I be honest with you? I never really thought of my WHY until I read Carrie’s speech last night. After writing this post, I am now more clear and even more motivated than ever before. I never believed people when they said that finding your WHy would be an emotional process but here I am sitting in front of my computer, early in the morning and I realize that there is more to this fat loss journey than I thought. So, whatever your reason is, think about it. Think about it long and hard and really search for it. Then, WRITE it down and really internalize it. This exercise just might be your biggest breakthrough if you haven’t been feeling motivated lately.

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  • Great article!

    I’d like to say that my “WHY” is about being there for my kids, but I’m a perennially healthy person. The extra 20 pounds wasn’t changing that or putting me at significant health risks that would keep me from being around the

    The biggest issue I had was that when I was in pictures with my kids, I felt awful about how I looked. I ruined the picture! I wanted to be able to show pics of my kids with pride, even if I was in the picture with them.

    So now I can. And…bonus! I’m healthier too.

  • admin

    Hi Liz, it’s nice to see you here. That is a great WHY. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Why?

    Why Not?

    At first I just wanted to make sure I lived long enough to see my daughter grow up. Now it’s all about vanity. Honesty is the best policy, right? I want to run a mile in 6 minutes, I want to bench press 300lbs, I want to eliminate the stomach fat, I want to see a shredded belly. Yep, I’m in it for me and there is no wonderful story about me saving lives or giving to the poor or being an inspiration to the youth.

    What I have found out along this little Me-Journey, is that I have helped others find their way. I have helped others drop weight/fat and finally feel good about themselves. God has a funny way of ruining selfish plans.

    have a great weekend


  • admin

    Hi Mike, that is really true for me too. I wanted to be able to tell people that they can do whatever I am doing if they had the motivation and willpower to do it (among other things).

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • You’re getting really good at blogging, Anna! Great post!

    So I see you’ve finally got to that “crossroad point” of sorts I like to call it…where you’ve accomplishes alot but want to accomplish even more. That’s good! The path has gotten narrower and narrower..but your focus has gotten better and better….rock on, Anna….


  • Tina/canuckgal

    Hey Anna, great article and thoughts…I too have been thinking about my whys and they are swirling all around in my mind sort of fuzzy like sometimes, and you went and clarified the same thoughts that are emerging for me! Thanks!

  • admin

    Hi Tina and Andy, thanks for stopping by. You guys rock!