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When I first started lifting weights, I used 15-lb dumbbells for most of my workouts including squats, forward lunges, bulgarian split squats, etc. However, as I got stronger, I can lift heavier weights when I do these exercises. While being able to lift heavier weights is a great acccomplishment, I also found that my grip gets weaker after I have done 1 set of an exercise with heavier dumbbells in each hand. For instance, one of my workouts involve doing a superset with reverse lunges and inverted rows. I would use 35-lb dumbbells for the lunges and I won’t have a problem with the first set but my grip wouldn’t be strong enough to hold on to the bar for my inverted rows. So, what happens is I have to switch to beginner inverted rows for the last few repetitions for that exercise.

My Schiek DLS

My Schiek DLS

I was sure there was a solution to this problem and so I searched for answers until I eventually came upon the lifting straps. I used to think that I would have a difficult time putting them on because I work out at the gym by myself. So, after much research and asking questions in the Turbulence Training forums, I found the perfect pair for me. I use the Schiek 1000 Dowell Lifting Straps (DLS) which you can see in the picture to the right.

These straps are different from other brands/types because of its simple design. It consists of a sort of belt that wraps around your wrist with the strap hanging in front of your hand. Attached to the end of the strap is a dowel that acts as a wedge between the dumbbells (or any weight that you’re lifting) and your hands. You can see this demonstration in the picture below.

Basically, you wrap the strap around the weights so that the dowel ends up on the palm of your hands. One trick to learn, but it gets better with practice, is to be able to wrap the strap tightly enough before you enclose the weights with your thumb. Here is link to the video which shows you how to use them. I made an amateurish video in an attempt to demonstrate how to use but the quality is a little blurry. But, it should give you a basic idea of how to use lifting straps. Here it is:

If you want a clearer video with audio, click on this link for more instructions on how to use it.

The dowel is in between the Kettleble and my palm

The dowel is in between the Kettleble and my palm

Of course, it’s always good to develop your grip strength. So, what I do is I don’t use the lifting straps during the first set when my hands are not tired yet. Then, I put on the straps for the second and third set. This way, I am still training my grip instead of neglecting it for the whole exercise.

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